What's in a name?

by David Robert

When I started offering photography services to the real estate industry, I thought that I was pretty clever by separating my general photography with my real estate photography under two different brands;  DRP for the general stuff, and ARE (Architectural and Real Estate) for real estate.  But as I picked up more clients, mostly by word of mouth/referrals, everyone just knew me as David Robert, not as David Robert from AREPHOTOGRAPHY.  So while I thought having ARE  was nifty, the name got lost, but mine didn't.  So, here we are today, coming full circle in a way.  DRP : David Robert Photography will be the one and only name I use for my business.  After all, what's in a name?  Everything.  

An evolution from a 'duh' moment...

by David Robert

I have been working on DRP for almost two years and I cannot overstate enough how appreciative I am of all the support I've been given.  I have truly enjoyed meeting so many people and providing them and their families portrait images that hopefully will bring them joy for many years to come.  In addition, I've received so many kind compliments on my landscape and general photography, making me smile with each comment and FaceBook "Like" that an image gets.  It is that positive feedback that makes me want to push the limits further and become a much better photographer.  I will search YouTube videos on lighting, posing, and other technical aspects of photography and try to apply them so that my images get better and better which each click of the camera.  And then it happened..... the 'duh' moment.

During one of my YouTube searches, I came across a photographer who specializes in real estate photography who shoots images for his local real estate brokers.  His images were fantastic.  I found myself reviewing his portfolio and then seeking out other photographers who shot real estate.  Wow!  I loved it!!  And there it was in front of me...  

I've been involved in real estate in one capacity or another since I was 19 when I first got my real estate sales license.  I have always loved the field and home construction and design. Being a Tax Assessor, I have been in thousands of homes that are beautifully designed and appointed.  I get excited walking around new construction, looking at the details, the materials used, the flow of the rooms.  There it was...., real estate photography!  Why not marry two of my passions into one?  I got so excited about the idea that at first I thought I would just refocus DRP to concentrate on real estate only.  But after more calmed reasoning and thought, I decided that I really need to brand the real estate photography into its own separate and distinct entity.   So I'm pleased and amped to introduce ARE (pronounced ah-re) Photography.   ARE stands for Architectural and Real Estate.  Along with this new venture, DRP will be slightly refined at this time as well.  I will still shoot portraits but they will be limited to mostly business related head-shots.  While my landscape/general photography will evolve into fine art/limited addition prints.  

I hope that all of my DRP fans will jump over to my new FB page for AREPHOTOGRAPHY and 'Like' that page too.  This is a new part of my photography journey and I hope you all come along.  PEACE.....   David